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About Myself

Hi people. I'm Helios Lung and I'm 8 this year(after all it changes all the time, so to be specific it's 2015 when I typed this)and I was born on March 1, 2007.That's the year of the pig. My favorite animals are bears, wolves, and all those cool animals. Favorite games are Monster Legends, MK VS DCU, and other online and Xbox games. I like DC and Marvel and I'm a geek on that stuff. By the way, www.selenelung.com is my sister's website and and I bet you it sucks. Also in my opinion, "Teen Titans Go!" is the best TV show in the world. Bye, for now.

Why I Would Make a Hong Kong Jockey Club Number Suggestion Program

I made this Hong Kong Jockey Club Number Suggestion Program because my grandma liked it and almost every week, she goes down there and buy one. By now, her record of earned is 100 HKD.

Why I Made A Casino Style Dice Game

My HK Jockey Club thingie was a help to a lotto, which is just you know, using money to get money. So, this Casino Dice thing was just a project suggested by my dad, 'cause at first, I had no idea there was even die in a casino.

Why I Made A Superhero Database

Remember that Jockey Club program? My dad told me that the Jockey Club website used a database to keep track of all there data on numbers that they had from which year to which year, and has all the numbers. So I created a database on superheroes.

Why I Created A Teddy Bear Database

I created a teddy bear database because I was making a PowerPoint of my teddy bears and my dad told me to create a teddy bear database. And, I spent lots of time picking the styles of the BootStrap Tables. I used lots of time picking styles for the Superhero Database as well.


1.How to Train Your Dragon 2

2.Inside Out


4.The Avengers: Age of Ultron

5.Hotel Transylvania

6.Terminator Genisys